From: The Desk of John Cowper
Subject: Top Linkedin Traffic Tips
Date: Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Dear Friend,

Are you confused about how to get Linkedin working for you? So many people out there are using Linkedin but still don’t know how to use it to get traffic to their website? Are you frustrated with what you are doing with Linkedin? Is it getting you traffic to your site? Is it helping your business?

Why use Linkedin?

Today a lot of corporate business people are using Linkedin to drive more traffic to their websites to get more business! Would you like to do the same?

If so then this maybe just what you
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Think about this so many people using Linkedin are overwhelmed with what it can do for their business!
Most of the business people using Linkedin would love to be able to find a straight talking resource that tells them how to use Linkedin to get more traffic to their site!

That’s What’s It’s About, Getting More Visitors To Your Business Website!

What if I could show you how to get more traffic to your website? Would you be interested?

Of course you would, and how would that make you feel? Well, great wouldn’t! I mean it’s great to be able to get more traffic and visitors to your business website, right?
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Get More Traffic & Visitors To Your Website!
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Think about this you’ll be able to use Linkedin properly, get your Linkedin Profile set up the right way.

So You’ll Learn To…

understand what Linkedin is actually about.
create a headline grabbing PROFILE.
add your website URL to your Profile.
make people want to connect with you.
make people want to add connections to connect with you.
create a COMPANY Page.
use Linkedin ANSWERS.
use Status updates.
use niche groups.
post content to groups.
use the SHARE button.
connect with Twitter.
advertise on Linkedin.
what to avoid on Linkedin

“With This You’ll Understand All The LINKEDIN Terms!”

You will be able to understand the meaning of the term “Linkedin Answers” and “Niche Groups”.

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If you use Linkedin as a Manager, Director, a business person or entrepreneur or just as an employee then this e-book will give you a great grounding in the things to do while using Linkedin.

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key tools to manage your Linkedin Account the right way.
to learn to advertise on Linkedin – get traffic to your profile – then to your site.
search engine attention – with Linkedin.
information about writing the right profile so that is worth sharing to others.
to know how to use Niche Groups to really get your message out there.
to know how to make use of Linkedin ANSWERS.
to understand the SHARE button.

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To Your Success

John Cowper

Graphic Designer, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur

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